Hungry pregnant woman’s horror as huge knife found in her Subway sandwich

A pregnant woman with a craving for a Subway claims she unwrapped her lunch and found a knife inside her sandwich.

Nerice Moyse was left furious after saying she discovered a yellow-handled blade running the length of her sandwich.

The 21-year-old mum-to-be from Lowestoft, Suffolk, says she discovered the large and lethal knife inside her tuna sub.

She had her food delivered to her home and is glad it came to her – and not a child.

She posted a video to Facebook of her opening up her sandwich to discover what would have been a very unpleasant mouthful.

Nerice, who is 17 weeks pregnant, said: “I just opened it up and was like ‘Hang on, what?’ We both sat there in shock.

“My partner called Subway in Gorleston High Street and asked ‘Have you lost one of your yellow knives?”

“And he was like: ‘Wait. Are you being serious? Like actually?'”

Speaking to the Great Yarmouth Mercury, she demanded an apology and fears what could have happened if the delivery was for a youngster.

She added: “Straight away I was like ‘Imagine if a young child or a teenager had found it?’ I am glad that it came to me.”

A spokesperson for Subway told the Daily Star says staff said sorry as soon as they were made aware of the discovery.

They said: “The health and safety of all guests is of paramount importance to us, and all Franchise Owners are expected to maintain high food safety standards and always serve products to guests’ satisfaction.

“Since the incident was brought to our attention, we have investigated this thoroughly and the team apologised to the customer immediately once informed.

“Since then, the franchisee has reached out to the customer again to resolve the issue.”

Earlier this year, an angry KFC customer was locked in compensation negotiations with fast food chain bosses after she tucked into a side order of deep-fried toilet paper.

She uploaded a video the oil-soaked loo roll, covered in the fast food giant’s famous batter in Anji, northeast China.

She demanded action after being urged on by horrified food fans having posting the grim footage on social media.

Chinese site Weibo uploaded the video and it quickly went viral and viewers demanded to know how the toilet paper was cooked and bagged up.

She made an official complaint to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce who later confirmed it was toilet paper she found inside her meal.